Jean de Beurre - Author

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Who is Jean de Beurre?

Jean de Beurre:

lives in central Scotland
wrote the well received novel Capcir Spring
has also published a book of short stories
is working on a new novel "Guardian Angel" to be published later in 2014
is married with grown up children
is a Christian (liberal - middle of the road)
enjoys travel and photography
studied both urbanism and theology at post graduate level at University
has worked in the voluntary sector for over 20 years
enjoys cycling and walking his dogs
sings in amateur musical theatre
is on the board of an ecumenical Christian charity
was the editor of a fellowship journal for over 10 years
has written numerous articles and book reviews for magazines & newspapers

Jean de Beurre is a pen name. It is used because of Jean's day job!

You can contact Jean de Beurre at the following email address -

[email protected]

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How Jean writes?

This quotation answers this question:

"I’m a very slow writer. Slow works for me. I have all the bad habits my fellow writers warn you not to fall into: I procrastinate. I write a bit and wander off to think it over and come back two weeks later. I have no schedule, no regular habits, no fetishes, no daily word quota. I incubate ideas for years and once I start to work on them I can spend more years happily researching esoteric bits and bobs that may not even end up in the novel. I am terribly caffeine dependent. I edit while I write. " - Audrey Niffenegger