Jean de Beurre - Author

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Capcir Spring - a romantic adventure in the French mountains

The book is available as an ebook for the Amazon Kindle and as a paperback.

Mary had her life all planned out. A summer in the French mountains researching the Cathars would be the launch pad for a prestigious academic career.

She was confident that she had rebuilt her life after the traumatic and violent end to her marriage. But in these peaceful Pyrenean mountains the bloody persecution of the Cathars by the inquisition haunts her dreams. This is made worse when her nightmares mix this violent history with flashbacks to her own painful past.

In this state she discovers a plan that would damage her recently discovered heritage site. There are a group of people who don't want her research to be made public.

John is also staying in the same mountains to escape the painful memories of his failure and loss.

Can these two scarred people help each other and protect the archaeological remains? Who amongst the bizarre range of people that they meet can be trusted? And will they discover the happiness that they have each been seeking for a long time?

Jean de Beurre knows the Capcir plateau well and writes a tightly paced story of mystery and intrigue, tinged with the hope of love. This novel is about 70,000 words.