Jean de Beurre - Author

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Tales of mystery and magic

Five short stories involving magic and mystery. Five ordinary people experience strange and extraordinary things and try to make sense of the magic and mystery breaking into their everyday lives..

"The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper." - W.B. Yeats

The stories are:
Woodland encounter - a chance meeting (800 words)
The hitch hiker - is it safe to pick up a roadside stranger (2345 words)
The ball - returning to the street where I was born (2500 words)
The supermarket - The new managers story (2700 words)
The big silver balloon - strange things in the Scottish sky (863 words)

Lakeside and other tales with a twist

Five short stories that tell of people dealing with the unexpected. Each story has a twist that will keep you guessing.

In 'Lakeside' Greg's beautiful new girlfriend is a cause of conflict at a barbecue on one of the hottest days of the year. (2200 words)
In 'Why I gave up camping' an unsettling event leaves the author not knowing where to turn. (2620 words)
'The Unlikely Romance of Spiro McEwe' tells how a bizarre hobby can lead to romance with unexpected consequences. (1500 words)
'Peggy's Journey' describes a trip prompted by an article in a local newspaper. (1800 words)
'Dawn's New Man' tells how a nineteen year old student discovers the disappointment and joy of love. (1500 words)

Choices - seven new short stories

Seven short stories of people facing choices or who have made choices that have consequences.

"Friends Reunited?" is about the unexpected consequences of joining a website
"The Visitation" tells of a preachers strange message.
In "Julie's Revenge" we discover how Julie gets back at the woman who stole her husband.
"The Church Cat" is a fable.
"The Sister's Letter" is an intimate letter from a younger woman to her elder sister about her solution for a troublesome husband.
"The Gift" tells of a strange encounter
"The Boy who only saw Screens" is about the choices parents make when they bring up a child